Radio Friendly

Music man: Thank you, Jimmy Magahern, for your diligent research into the KCDX-FM 103.1 story ("Ghost Radio," September 18). This station is the best thing to happen to radio around here in, well, since it's commercial-free, maybe ever! For weeks, no other station has been playing on my car radio (and search-and-scan had become a way of life). I am appreciating and rediscovering so many classic songs and hidden gems.

And best of all, New Times has shined a light on a great mystery (the Arizona Republic doesn't even have 103.1 on its weekly station and format list).

As for theories, my money was on the felons; that the "CD" in the call letters for the Florence station was for Corrections Department. I wondered about that when I heard "Hey Joe," but thank God I never heard "Helter Skelter." I imagined it would only be a matter of time before someone down at the Legislature pulled the funding to keep the cons from controlling the airwaves.

Thank you, Ted Tucker, for following your calling! Keep on truckin'!

Craig Younger

Dialed in: I read the article at lunch, and as soon as I finished work I ran to the car to turn on 103.1. I haven't touched the dial since. What a revelation! No egomaniacal afternoon DJ surrounded by sycophants. No idiot morning teams who think they're hysterical. No one screaming at me to install a new car stereo for a dollar. Just (mostly) great tunes.

I even sit through the occasional blunder ("I Want a New Drug"?) and wait patiently for the next surprise. My 11-year-old thought I was nuts when I screamed gleefully and cranked up "Girls Talk" last night. He doesn't understand.

It was also a great article with some fine investigative sleuthing. But the article failed to answer one question: Why the hell did you wait so long to tell us? I can't believe this has been going on so long and I've been missing it. It can't last, but until it ends, my CDs stay at home.

Mitch Klein

Gun Control

Sculptor's tool: As an aunt of two nephews (brothers) who committed suicide with guns, I feel compelled to respond to your article and opinion ("Fear Factor," Spiked, September 18). Not only am I appalled by the insensitive nature of your response to Robert Miley's sculpture, but I am upset that the thought behind the sculpture wasn't given more credence. This sculpture gives meaning in remembrance of my nephews to family members, as the gun they used will be included in the sculpture. In your future opinions, please remember the rest of us who find solace in the sculpture. We didn't ask for our role in supporting this sculpture; rather, it was placed upon us as a duty to inform others and hopefully raise awareness to the unfortunate use of firearms for violence.

Jan Green
Via e-mail

Releasing the fear: I challenge your quote; I do not believe you are "just as sympathetic as the next guy." From the perspective of a mother who has lost her only two sons to suicide by gunfire, I find your article to be less than empathetic. By offering my son Brian's gun to Robert Miley's Release the Fear sculpture, I have alleviated some of the pain I feel every day, the pain I will continue to feel for the rest of my life.

The raw and devastating histories these donated weapons hold for some of us are distant from making political statements or personal judgments about art. I feel grateful for the Release the Fear project. It brings me comfort to know that through this movement others may be guided to make different choices.

Sadly, my sons endured a family history of depression. On June 15, 1994, my oldest son Christopher ended his life at age 21. Eight years later, August 12, 2002, I was shocked and devastated to lose 26-year-old Brian, too. Since Chris' gun had been previously destroyed at my request, my donation of Brian's weapon to Release the Fear is a tribute to honor the memory of both Christopher and Brian Hullet.

In the future, I will feel proud to witness Robert Miley's Release the Fear symbol molded from melted weapons, on the corner of Central and Roosevelt, not only to honor the lives of my sons, but also to remind others that life is indeed very fragile.

Nancy Hullet Hendrich
Via e-mail

Best of the Best

Drag show: I just wanted to say thank you for the recognition for Boom Boom Larue as "Best Drag Queen Outfitters" (Best of Phoenix, September 18). I really do appreciate it. We are in the process of enlarging the store a bit and remodeling, so we will be anxious to begin another year of service to "Outfitting Drag Queens," and yes, the straight folk are welcome as well.

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