McDonald's Employee Tries to Smuggle Bag of Cash Into Mexico, Claims It's Just a Bag of Fries

Today in Found at the border: A 22-year-old U.S. citizen was busted trying to bring $50,000 over the border into Mexico last week, in one of the most brazen cash-smuggling attempts we've heard of.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Rene Becerra-Portillo Jr. wore a McDonald's uniform as he carried the $50,000 in a McDonald's bag while attempting to get through the port of entry in Nogales.

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According to a federal complaint, Becerra said he didn't have any money to declare, and when officers asked what was in the bag, he responded, "Fries."

CBP officers more thoroughly inspected this claim by opening the bag and finding $50,000 cash.

Becerra also had a McDonald's cup as he tried to get past officers, but it actually turned out to contain a beverage.

Becerra was released from custody the next day on his own recognizance.

Becerra, who's from Rio Rico, now lists McDonald's as his former employer on Facebook.

He faces one federal cash-smuggling charge.

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