Morning Poll -- Jan Brewer's Comments That Dad "Died Fighting the Nazis in Germany": Gaffe or Flatout Lie

Yesterday, it was exposed that a story Governor Jan Brewer told the Arizona Republic about how her dad died "fighting the Nazi regime in Germany" was -- to put it politely -- less-than-accurate.

In reality, not only was Jan's dad not in the military, he never even left U.S. soil during WWII and served as a civilian supervisor for a naval munitions depot in Hawthorne, Nevada, during the war.

He died of lung disease, which Brewer claims was caused by conditions at the munitions depot in 1955 -- 10 years after the war ended -- in California.

Not to take anything away from Brewer's dad's contribution to the war effort, but Jan's quote makes it sound as though he was killed storming the beaches -- rifle in hand.

Brewer's office is saying the comment wasn't a lie because his lung disease was caused by his contribution to the war effort even though he wasn't actually a soldier.

We want to know what you think: Were Brewer's comments a gaff, or were they a flat-out lie that she's using 55 years later for political gain?

Vote, and see the results of yesterday's poll after the jump.

Yesterday's poll question: Is Testing Undies for DNA to Prove Someone's Cheating an Invasion of Privacy?

-22 percent say yes.

-28 percent say no.

50 percent say it's not an invasion of privacy, it's just psychotic.


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