Phoenix Man Steals Cop Car in New Mexico; Can The City's Reputation Get Any Worse?

There is no sweeter irony than stealing an unlocked police car, and when cops in Farmington, New Mexico left their cruiser open, and running, that's exactly what one Phoenix idiot did.

Way to make us proud across state lines.

Mathew Anderson, 21, of Phoenix was at a party in New Mexico, when police were called about a disturbance.

The officers left their cruiser running near the scene as they investigated the party. When they returned, one of the officers used a key-less entry device to unlock the car, and that's when police say Anderson pounced on his opportunity to do the unthinkable: Steal a police car.

Witnesses told police that Anderson was the likely suspect.

About three hours later, police found the car abandoned, and Anderson walking down a New Mexico freeway.

Anderson was arrested and charged with a fourth-degree felony of unlawful taking of a motor vehicle and misdemeanor resisting or obstructing a police officer.

When he was arrested, Anderson told police that he took the car because he "thought it would be fun."

Wonder what if Anderson's finding it humorous to spend time behind bars?


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