Richard Chrisman Shooting: Victim High on Meth Before Death. No Word on Sobriety of Dog Also Shot Dead

The domestic violence suspect shot and killed by Phoenix police Officer Richard Chrisman was apparently high on crystal meth when the Phoenix Police Department's Killer Cop gunned down him and his dog in a trailer in south Phoenix last year.

A toxicology report released today shows that suspect Daniel Rodriquez had meth in his system at the time of the shooting and that he'd recently used the drug, which makes sense considering his mother called police to the home because her son had gone berserk after the two had an argument.

But being high on crank is still no reason to shoot a guy.

The portrait of Chrisman has been painted as a trigger-happy cop who shot Rodriquez for no apparent reason -- and just because the victim was a meth head doesn't mean that's not the case.

Keep in mind, another cop at the scene told investigators after the shooting that at no point during the incident did he feel threatened by Rodriquez. Rodriquez was unarmed, and Chrisman had just shot his dog -- also for no apparent reason (the other officer also told investigators that at no point did he feel threatened by the pooch, but Chrisman shot it anyway).

Chrisman's attorneys will likely use the report in his defense to show that Rodriquez was a methed-up maniac who posed a fatal threat to the officers. But Chrisman also shot a dog that as far as we know was not on meth, and like Rodriquez, posed no threat to the officers.

Seems like Chrisman just had an itchy trigger finger that he was gonna scratch no mater what drug Daniel Rodriquez was on -- it just so happens he was on meth.

Not to mention, we'd like to see what was floating around Chrisman's bloodstream at the time of the shooting -- seems it might take more than a trip to Starbucks to stay awake during those long nights doing after hours security guard work (or not doing it).

Below is our initial report of the incident based on Chrisman's arrest report and statements from the other officer -- you be the judge:

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Phoenix Police Officer Richard Chrisman has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after fatally shooting 29-year-old Daniel Rodriquez.

Rodriquez's mother called police about noon yesterday to report that she and her son had gotten into an argument and that Rodriquez was breaking things in her trailer home near Baseline Road and Central Avenue.

Officer Chrisman and another officer found Rodriquez's mother at the trailer next to the one where Rodriquez had thrown a fit.

The two officers went next door and tried to talk with Rodriquez, but he didn't answer.

The mother told the officers that the trailer was hers and that they were allowed to enter.

The officers entered the trailer and found Rodriquez standing in the living room.

Rodriquez told the cops they had no right to be in his trailer, and that's when things got wild.

Officer Chrisman pulled out his gun, held it to Rodriquez's head, and said "I don't need no warrant, motherfucker."

The other officer told detectives later that Rodriquez hadn't threatened the officers, and he saw no reason for Chrisman to pull his gun.

After putting away the gun, Chrisman went "hands on" and tried to detain Rodriquez. The other officer tried to help, but the two were unable to detain him.

Officer Chrisman then pulled out his Taser and deployed it toward Rodriquez. After getting zapped, Rodriguez hit the floor.

When he got up, Officer Chrisman was waiting with pepper spray, which he sprayed in Chrisman's eyes from about a foot away.

Chrisman then pulled his gun again and shot a dog that had been barking in the corner. The other officer told detectives later that the dog had been barking but hadn't attacked or bitten anyone in the trailer.

Rodriquez, having been shocked and blinded by pepper spray, argued with Chrisman about why he shot his dog.

The other officer tried to "talk down" the situation, and Rodriquez said he would leave the trailer on his bicycle, which was in the living room.

Officer Chrisman, apparently, wasn't havin' it.

As Rodriquez tried to leave, he and Chrisman got into a scuffle.

Officer Chrisman pulled out his gun and fired two or three shots at Rodriquez from about three feet away.

The other officer told detectives that as Chrisman drew his weapon, both he and Rodriquez took a step back. In other words, there was no real threat.

The other officer told detectives that, at no point, did he feel there was a threat that would have warranted the use of deadly force. At no point did Rodriquez ever have a weapon.

When asked his reaction to Chrisman putting the gun to Rodriquez's head, the officer said it was "the worst day of [his] life."

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