Rusty's World: The secret life of PHX Kia peddler and anti-Mexican A-hole Rusty Childress.

Let it all hang out: Rusty's pic labeled "Jamaica Hedonism."

Prejudiced playboy Rusty Childress is one complex fella. Every Thursday he welcomes fellow wackjobs to his anti-Mexican fiestas, like the ones described in this week's Bird column, the item titled "Bigot Bash." The putative Republican (if you judge him by the right-wing company he keeps) leads these whiny white-boy bitch-fests, where anti-Hispanic douchebags and douchebaguettes watch flicks about the brown tide, trade DVDs about the diseases immigrants bring into the county, and listen to visiting speakers such as Dumbass Don Goldwater or Russell "White Pride" Pearce.

But there's another side to Rusty, a ribald, fun-lovin', spoiled-rich-kid side to him revealed in his Web site http://www.rustychildress.com/, where you can hit a link for Rusty's anti-immigrant organization United for a Sovereign America. Or you can check out Rusty's World, which features a bio of the great man, a list of his awards, and pics of Rusty doing everything from partying at Mardi Gras with chicks flashing their punanis, their chi-chis and their lovely lady humps to Rusty hangin' with a half-nude babe at "Jamaica Hedonism," which seems to refer to that island nation's decadent Hedonism resorts, where supposedly anything goes. Not having enjoyed the bawdy delights of Hedonism myself, I have to rely on the Wikipedia entry, which reads in part:

Hedonism II and Hedonism III are vacation resorts in Jamaica, operated by the company Superclubs. Hedonism II was opened in 1976 in Negril, Hedonism III followed in 1999 in Ocho Rios; there is no Hedonism I. Both resorts have areas reserved for naturism/nudism. They are well-known for the liberal sexual, drug, and alcohol attitudes of the guests. No children are allowed...The Hedonism resorts also host various nudist and swingers conventions, and the properties boast more repeat patrons than any other resort in the world

Now, maybe Rusty mislabeled the photo, and was only referring to the generic hedonism he was enjoying in the pic while standing next to some hot topless wench. I'm sure that even if Rusty did go to one of the Hedonism resorts he would certainly spend all of his time studying the Bible instead of romping in sinful pools of willing, jiggling flesh. But then, there are the Mardi Gras snaps, which are even more indecent. Why, there are jpegs of girls gone wild, revealing to all and sundry their naughty bits both upper and lower. Yes, ladies and gents, know that when you purchase a new Kia or a used Buick at Childress' auto mall, some of your scrilla is going to pay for Rusty's debauched vacays.

Rusty's big adventure, partying in the Yucatan: Is the irony obvious enough for ya?

Rusty's quite the cameraman, and has posted several files on his page at Webshots.com. Some of these document a trip Rusty made to the Yucatan a while back, and in one, he's seen being serenaded by locals as he enjoys a fine Mexican meal with his honey: Proving once and for all that Rusty only hates Mexicans when they're in this country, not when they're in their own, serving the white man as only they can.

A Rusty pic from the Big Easy, where three pairs always beats a straight flush.

See, Rusty's hardly a self-made man. That distinction belongs instead to his father George Childress, now deceased, who created what was then Childress Buick when he bought the dealership from another man in 1960 and renamed it. His son George "Rusty" Childress eventually took over the business that his father built. Wonder what the old man would've thought of his son's wanton ways or Rusty's racist campaign against the undocumented in our midst? What would he think of the fact that in Rusty's "biography" on his site, George, Sr. is never mentioned as the pioneer who began the enterprise from which Rusty has so richly profited? Probably just an oversight on Rusty's part.

Am I suggesting that Rusty's raunchiness should somehow invalidate his twisted views of Mexican immigrants? Or am I just enjoying the home made porno this patriotic American has seen fit to share with the world? The rich are indeed decadent, and who am I to playa hate? My only problem is with someone so blessed by fortune, so smug in his own carnality, and yet hostile to the needs and sufferings of the poorest among us. Mexican illegals risk their lives crossing the desert to eat the crumbs from Childress' table. His life is good. Yet he does everything in his effort to deny them those crumbs, while he revels in excess, like some Roman emperor of old.

More from Rusty's Mardi Gras trip: Censored for your protection. No, really...

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