Saturday's 69-Car Wreck on I-10 is Perfect Excuse to Re-Introduce "Mr. Highway" Clip

If you're like us, you made the unfortunate decision to travel west on Interstate 10 on Saturday night without the prior knowledge that there was a massive, 69-car wreck about two miles in front of you.

While sitting in traffic, we received an email from the Phoenix Police Department explaining the situation -- and it became clear we'd be sitting in traffic for a while.

When we got home, we checked out some of the local news coverage of the wreck (check out some of KPHO's coverage here) and were instantly reminded of one of the more hilariously-morbid, traffic wrecks in cinematic history.

Check it out after the jump.  

That clip is from the 1993 thriller The Good Son -- back when Macaulay Culkin and Elijah Wood were still cute.

It's not so much the trail of destruction caused by "Mr. Highway" that puts a cautious smirk on our face as it is the dialogue leading up to his decision to end it all.

According to the Department of Public Safety, Saturday's wreck wasn't a "Mr. Highway" situation. The final product looked shockingly similar, though.

Check it out here.

DPS says the wreck was likely caused by a combination of bad weather and bad driving.

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