The 10 Hottest TV News Women in Phoenix

In the interest of fairness, we can only follow up a list of Phoenix's 10 hottest newsmen with a catalog of Phoenix's hottest newswomen.

Now, the following rankings have nothing to do with any supposed journalistic abilities, but rather only their abilities to visually captivate their audiences. Enjoy.

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10.) April Warnecke, 3TV

How else can you spice up a weather forecast of "it's hot" 200 times a year?

9.) Anita Roman, Fox 10

One of the few women on this list who actually reports the news.

8.) Laura Thomas, ABC 15

Yet another reason why gentlemen around Phoenix are so knowledgeable about the weather.

7.) Caribe Devine, 12 News

Appropriately named.

6.) Kristy Siefkin, Fox 10

Note: Siefkin's one of the few women on this list who doesn't appear to be married.

5.) Andrea Robinson, Fox 10

Another member of that very talented Fox 10 cast.

4.) Kristin Anderson, Fox 10

Fact: She's 6 feet tall. (She's also kind of pregnant at the moment.)

3.) Nadine Bubeck, CBS 5

Never have you been so interested in the morning traffic report.

2.) Alejandra Espinoza, Univision

If you don't speak Spanish, just tell your significant other you're trying to learn. (Warning: She will not believe you for more than two seconds.)

1.) Carey Peña, 3TV


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