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The 10 Hottest TV Newsmen in Phoenix

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New Times ladies were sitting around engaged in a heated debate about who People magazine should name as 2013's "Sexiest Man Alive." Well, turns out that, last week, People handed the honor to Adam Levine, Maroon 5's frontman and a judge on The Voice

We say bah! We'd have given the title to Levine's man crush, hunky, six-foot-five, country crooner Blake Shelton. But that's just us.

We don't have show-biz types like Levin and Shelton around here, but we do have hunks gracing our air waves. So we ladies decided to give you our Top-10 sexiest male broadcasters.

We think you'll agree that you willingly turn on certain of these Adonises at any hour of the day and night -- bring them right into your boudoir and just shamelessly gawk and fantasize about them.

And, yeah, New Times figured that since we girls were allowed to give you the sexiest boys of Valley TV, our boys should -- in fairness -- get to impart a list of the good-looking local ladies of the boob tube.

Tune in for that tomorrow, news hounds.

10.) John Hook, Cory McCloskey, and Troy Hayden, a Fox 10 News trio

Three men, one face. Right?

We couldn't single out one of these pretty-boy, baby-faced television personalities with spiky bangs. We figured since they share a face, they should share the honor of making New Times' list of 10 Sexiest Newsmen.

And in John Hook's case, he's a hell of a news man (especially since he actually gives New Times credit for its scoops when they appear on his station.)

But we've got to wonder ... are Hayden and McCloskey Hook's love children, or maybe cloned from his anchorman DNA?

9.) Morgan Loew, a CBS 5 investigative reporter

This award-winning Arizona native might have been accused by us of not getting his facts straight on one occasion, but there's no arguing with his charming smile. And for the ladies at New Times, brains trump brawn and buns, not that Morgan's are too awfully bad.

8.) Dave Biscobing, an ABC 15 investigative reporter

Don't let this guy's chiseled jaw line and 5-o'clock shadow fool you, Biscobing's got brains, too, and a quiet intensity. And, a good pair of arms -- must be from all that time at his keyboard banging out his next investigative piece. He's done some fearless reporting, including about the shenanigans of our favorite Pinal County politician: Sheriff Paul Babeu.

7.) Mike Watkiss, bulldog 3 TV reporter

Rugged good looks. Tousled hair.

This veteran newsman has traveled far and wide scooping his competitors on breaking news. We remember him one year traipsing through the hills of Sedona, covering a wild land fire and doing live stand-ups while looking debonaire in his fire gear. Smokin' hot!

Of course, it doesn't hurt that his name includes the word kiss.

6.) Javier Soto, 3 TV reporter

We couldn't phrase it better than the ladies he works with: He's "good-looking," he's "smart," he's "sweet," and he's a "good dancer."

This guy has an air of confidence and a sense of humor that just ratchets up his sexy factor. Judge for yourself - watch his rendition of MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This" dance move.

5.) Diego Santiago, Telemundo sportscaster

This sports reporter is pure-eye candy. He joined Telemundo in 2013 as sports anchor after getting his start at Univision in California, and aren't we glad he brought his sexy, full lips, dark eyes, and perfect hair to the Valley. But he's not all jock -- this pretty boy has done insightful political reporting. Gorgeous and smart. What a combo!

4.) Bruce Cooper, 12 News sports guy

We really love the way this guy's whole face smiles when he grins. There's nothing chicks dig more than a nice smile and hearty laugh. Cooper delivers on both.

And he's sporting just the right amount of mustache, and, man, those cheeks! Looks like he would, hands down, win the most-pinchable-cheeks contest. (The ones on his face! Get your mind out of the gutter.)

3.) Jesus Quinonez, Univision sports

Univision's sports anchor, an Arizona State University grad, proves that we ladies don't have to be into sports to thoroughly enjoy his segments. His sexy good looks -- and the arms we envision hidden beneath his crisp suit jacket -- prove that looks can transcend any language barrier.

2.) Brahm Resnik, 12 News anchor

This one-time print reporter definitely has a face for television. He had no trouble making the transition to TV talking head. But, he does his research, knows his stuff, and rarely gives politicians and public officials a pass.

And, honestly, how could Resnik not make our list? His oh-so-pretty looks were endorsed by one-time Arizona U.S. Senate candidate Richard Carmona. During a political debate, Carmona joked that Resnik was prettier than CNN anchor Candy Crowley.

1.) Sergio Urquidi, Univision anchor

Our sexiest newsman is Univision Arizona's lead evening and late-night anchor in Phoenix and Tucson.

Soaking in his cool demeanor, captivating smile, and face of a Greek god ain't a bad way to end the day, you know? Even if you don't understand a word he's saying.

Yeah, Univision trounces its network competitors in ratings, and Sergio (say his name out-loud, roll the r's -- you know you want to) has got to be a big part of the reason. Mmm, mmm, mmm!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.