Feathered Bastard

Tom Horne's Complaint Against Mark Brnovich's Judge Wife Rejected

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne has a fierce following among certain women. In fact, the guy's got a whole cadre of gals willing to do his bidding, a veritable Praetorian Guard of political hatchet-ladies.

Kathleen Winn, Horne's outreach director and co-defendant in his campaign finance case, comes to mind. A die-hard Horne loyalist, I guess you could say she's the captain of Horne's Praetorian Guard.

One Horne partisan from Pinal County is Teresa Ottesen Binder, whom I met at a cocktail-party/fundraiser for the AG that I crashed back in May.

Binder struck me as a nice enough person, though like most in Horne's ever-dwindling camp, she seemed completely incapable of explaining her support for a sleaze like Horne.

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