Trent Franks' Latest: Barack Obama's "Ideological Commitment" to "Weaken America"

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The fun comes about 53 seconds in

The lefty blog Political Correction is pimping this video of Arizona Congressman Trent "Hoof-in-Gob" Franks on the House floor warning the American public of the "ideological commitment of this administration to weaken America."

Thing is, as dumb as that statement may be, it's the kind of garbage that's regularly spewed by the likes of conservatard Glenn Beck and others. Hell, today on his radio program, Beck was comparing progressives to National Socialists. You know, Nazis.

That comparison is as whack as some lefty tree-hugger comparing George W. Bush to Adolf Hitler. Sorry, Glenn, no one in the Democratic Party that I know of wants to stick people in ovens. Neither did Bush II, for that matter.

Franks' recent remark pales in comparison to those he's made in the past and to those made by other Arizona politicians. You may recall, for instance, that back in February, Franks suggested African-Americans were better off back in slave times.

While I appreciate Political Correction for catching this latest inanity from our Second Congressional District's Rep, it's small change when you consider state Senator-elect Russell Pearce's comment at a November conference of wingnuts that Obama has a "jihad" against America, and specifically the state of Arizona.

During the same conference, Pearce also claimed that the U.S. Department of Justice's lawsuit over Pearce's breathing-while-brown statute SB 1070 was an impeachable offense for the President.

So you'll forgive me if I find Franks' statement to be less than clock-stopping. Measured against the level of public discourse in our Tea Bagging body politic, this ain't nothin' folks. Sad to say.

In a climate where Obama is painted as a "socialist" and American citizen tots of undocumented parents are reviled as "anchor babies," the bar for outrage is just too damn high.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.