10 Favorite Food Scenes From Movie Classics

We love movies and we love food. And every once in a while, a scene comes along that sticks in our brains for, like, ever.

These are the scenes that combine film and food in the best way — to make you laugh or smile or maybe even get a little misty-eyed. From '90s action flicks to modern animated classics, we've complied a list of 10 scenes any self-respecting food lover has got to see.

Did your favorite make the cut?

10. "I'm a zit. Get it?"
Animal House (1978)

There's nothing that will ever replace National Lampoon and we'd take Bluto over Will Ferrell at least nine times out of 10. Which is still only part of the reason this scene will forever live in movie/food infamy.

9. "Everybody say grace." "GRACE!"
Hook (1991)

This '90s classic made us hate Disney princesses even more, and now that we're older, we'd still love to kick it with the Lost Boys.

8. "Now all restaurants are Taco Bell."
Demolition Man (1993)

A vision of the future full of '90s-era awesome-ness — and lots and lots of Taco Bell.

7. "Medium rare. Mmm, an aristocrat."
Goodfellas (1990)

In prison, dinner is a big deal for the fellas on infamous mafia row. Goodfellas is one of the best 100 movies of all time. Ask anyone. And this scene gets our mouths watering every time.

6. "Talk to them. You speak shellfish."
Annie Hall (1977)

Rom-coms can suck, but with a little Woody Allen genius and a lot of Diane Keaton's crazy '70s-style, we've been hooked for years.

5. "Honey, I'm seven non-fox years old now."
Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

Just when we thought Wes Anderson could get no better, he came out with this stop-motion animated gem. We love the characters and, well, nearly everything else about this movie. Particularly the table manners.

4. "You know what this is? It's the world's smallest violin playing for the waitresses." Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Two words: Quentin. Tarantino. And we're not going to lie — we think of this scene every time we have bad service.

3. "Chew it slowly, only think about the taste."
Ratatouille (2007)

As much as you might be inclined to dislike a movie with rats in the kitchen, any one can and should fall in love with the culinary rodent, Remy. The food visualizations in this Disney/Pixar film are nothing short of animation genius.

2. "Like, you know, givin' blowjobs."
Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

We may not have been in high school in the '80s, but judging by Fast Times at Ridgemont High, not much has changed. Including every awkward-but-hilarious "coming of age" teenage moment . . . like this one.

1. "Ra-ra-ra-ra-rahhhh ra-ra-ra-rah!" A Christmas Story (1983)

Arguably the most popular Christmas movie of all time, A Christmas Story probably contributed more to our childhood holiday experience than anything else. And made our own holiday dinners seem that much less weird.

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