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$10 Lunch at Gordas Baja Taco in Phoenix

Gordas Baja Taco meets the most important criteria of Baja-style Mexican food: Seafood is heavily present on their menu, and it's fresh without being overcooked.

Located in a shopping center near Southern and 35th avenues, Gordas is a small, clean taco shop with a modern beach feel to it and friendly customer service at the counter.

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For a total of $9.80, we got a pollo and fish taco (for $2.59 each), and a gobernador taco ($3.19). The taco sizes are larger than your standard street taco, justifying the prices.

The pollo taco had chunks of moist chicken meat inside, with chopped onion, tomato and cabbage. The combination of the textures complemented each other, giving a slight crunch with each bite.

Fried fish can either be really good, or really bad. The crisp was perfect on the outside, with moist, flavorful fish on the inside. It was also filled with onion, tomato and cabbage, but we only wish they didn't hold back so much on the cream we look forward to when eating fish tacos.

Inside the gobernador, we found shrimp, bell peppers, tomato, onions and Monterey Jack cheese. The tortilla was fried, and the shrimp had a smoky flavor without being overcooked. The melted cheese filling the taco wasn't a disappointment, either.

Gordas also offers carne fries. Imagine super nachos, just substitute the chips for french fries. Those will cost you just over $7, so if you can spare the extra money, go for it.

Unfortunately, the salsa bar was not worth it. The mild, medium, and hot salsas were over powered with onion and no heat. The tacos here are moist enough, so it's not a bad thing to forgo.

To see more information, and to see more menu options from Gordas, visit their Facebook, Twitter or website.

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