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$10 Lunch at Tom's BBQ

Sometimes nothing hits the spot more than a pile of meat between two pieces of bread; it's so simple, yet so delicious.

That's where Tom's Chicago-style BBQ comes in. With five locations spread across the Valley, you're bound to be close to one.

There's nothing too fancy at Tom's, so don't expect gourmet anything, but do expect old fashioned, Chicago-style barbecue and sides.

Tom's has a number of lunch specials, all under $10, including a salad, a three-rib platter and traditional sandwiches like the pulled pork sandwich that we ordered. Each special comes with a side and a drink. We chose potato salad.

The potato salad was a little vinegar heavy and the potatoes were cut very small, which was slightly disappointing.

The pork was seasoned well, juicy and tasty. The bun was one of those that you can get in the grocery store for $1 an eight-pack; it got soggy quickly due to the layer of coleslaw that came on it.

We barely had time to sit down before our food was ready, which is a good trait for any lunch spot.

Despite the downfalls, Tom's is fast with comfort food and good with service.

Tom's BBQ has multiple locations in Tempe, Mesa, East Mesa and Chandler. Visit the website for more information.

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Megan Dobransky
Contact: Megan Dobransky