100 Favorite Dishes

100: Bruschetta From Postino

Hungry yet?

We're working up our appetites for our huge Best of Phoenix issue, out September 30, with daily servings of Chow Bella's 100 Favorite Dishes from across the Valley -- in no particular order.


Leave your suggestions for upcoming favorites in the comments section.


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Number 100: Bruschetta from Postino

If you are what you eat, then I just might be a plate of bruschetta from Postino, the always-bangin' wine bar with locations in Arcadia and North Central Phoenix.

Something about it suits every mood and every whim, from a random afternoon snack, to a happy hour bitchfest with coworkers, to a wine-drenched dinner with my nearest and dearest. I couldn't possibly tell you how many times I've eaten it over the years, but rest assured, it has rarely let me down. Lately it's been tastier than ever.

A big part of the appeal has to be the toppings -- there's a slew of them, and they're all interesting and crave-worthy. I like the brie with apples, the salami with pesto, the prosciutto with mascarpone and figs, the artichokes, the Tuscan white bean . . . stop me before I name all of them. It's fun to mix and match.

The other part is the soft, chewy, perfect bread. Postino uses large, sturdy slices that can be cut into four tinier ones, so that everyone at the table can sample different flavors.

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