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13 Metro Phoenix Restaurants Scored a 'D' on County Health Inspections in September 2016

Say it ain't so! In September, two popular downtown restaurants scored a 'D' on a county health inspection: DeSoto Central Market and Harumi Sushi. And those aren't the only spots. A Zipps in Chandler and Scottsdale's Westin Kierland resort also landed on this month's list.  Read at your own risk: ...
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Say it ain't so! In September, a popular downtown restaurant scored a 'D' on a county health inspection: Harumi Sushi. And that's not the only spot. A Zipps in Chandler and Scottsdale's Westin Kierland resort also landed on this month's list. 

Read at your own risk: 

Harumi Sushi, Phoenix (114 West Adams Street)

"Sushi rice in cooker was holding at 86F. PIC said it had been there for less than two hours and they discard it within 4 hours. No written policy for time control was available and no times were recorded. Manager wrote time down for before rice was made to be discarded within 4 hours and PIC is creating a time control policy for sushi rice."

My Fathers Retire Ranch, Wickenburg (400 North Jefferson Street)

"Raw shell eggs were being used to make meringue. In facilities serving a highly susceptible population, pasteurized eggs may only be used for meringue and eggs cooked to order. Raw shell eggs may only used for hard boiling or as an ingredient in baking mix for shelf-stable items such as muffins, cakes, brownies, etc."

Zipps, Chandler (3950 West Ray Road Suite 5)

"A male staff in the back using same gloves for multi tasks: cleaning, washing dishes sweeping floor etc....addressed health risk with on site manager—-practice discontinue upon inspection."

Carniceria Sonora, Phoenix (17 West Baseline Road)

"Observed walk-in cooler with ambient temperature of 48F. Person in charge called owner and owner stated she would have someone come and repair unit. Please ensure that walk-in cooler is holding an ambient temperature of 41F or below and do not store any time/temperature control for safety foods in cooler until it is repaired."

Carniceria Michoacan, Phoenix (3549 West Thomas Road)

"Near the cooking ovens food debris and soiled floors, walls and equipment was observed. Advised person in charge to clean on regular basis to avoid accumulation of food debris and grease. Please clean area prior to next routine inspection."

Carniceria Del Pacifico, Phoenix (2911 North 36th Street)

"Observed raw carne asada stored above cooked carne asada in the walk-in cooler and raw shelled eggs stored over salsa in small prep table. PIC moved carne asada and eggs to bottom shelf at time of inspection. Discussed proper food storage of raw and ready to eat foods."

Westin Kierland Resort, Scottsdale (6902 East Greenway Parkway) 

"Employee at bar transferred an orange wedge from cutting board to bar condiment caddy with bare hand. Per employee, she had removed her gloves to handle cash and then returned to the cutting board when inspector arrived. Discussed handwashing training with chef."

V F W Post No 720, Phoenix (4853 East Thomas Road)

"Noted multiple food items (bread, rolls, herbs, lettuce, sauces, cherries, potatoes) extremely moldy with organic growth, and in various states of decay in walk-in cooler. Per employee, kitchen has not been used in several months. Items were all discarded at time of inspection, and reviewed proper maintenance and discarding of products."

Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market No 3314, Glendale (7450 West Glendale Avenue)

"Cold case with deli meats had several pieces of ham, turkey, and roast beef that were past use by date (9/9-9/11). Person in charge pulled from case to be discarded. TCS ready to eat foods shall be date marked and discarded after 7 days (6+1)."

Little Caesars Pizza No 3178, Glendale (6601 West Bethany Home Road)

"Multiple flies and roaches present in prep and ware wash areas. Ensure that pest control is properly performed."

Ewn's 2, Phoenix (2010 East Broadway Road)

"Observed rodent droppings on covered food bins in dry storage area. Employee provided pest control receipt for 8/3/16. Please ensure to monitor for evidence of pests and continue pest control every month."

China City Buffet, Avondale (10040 West Mcdowell Road)

"Buildup of oil and debris in the following areas: along side of fryers under hood, on soap dispenser at hand wash sink next to main grill, and on fan located next to hand wash sink by main grill. Clean all areas frequently enough to maintain clean."

Wildflower Bread Company, Tempe (6428 South McClintock Drive Suite 104)

"Employee handling ready to eat food wiped gloved hands on apron and continued to handle food without glove change. Manager had employee change gloves/wash hands and discarded salad employee had been handling."

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