Los Jeztecos Is Wheeling in to the 2019 Tacolandia

Jeztecos will be slinging their rendition of the al pastor taco this Saturday.
Jeztecos will be slinging their rendition of the al pastor taco this Saturday. Courtesy of Jeztecos
Phoenix New Times' third annual Tacolandia is 1 to 5 p.m. this Saturday, January 26, at Margaret T. Hance Park in downtown Phoenix. This taco festival will feature the city's best taquerias serving up authentic cuisine in the form of unlimited taco samples. We’ll be featuring one restaurant per day till the big day so you can meet the people behind the tacos.

Taqueria No. 3: Jeztecos

Jeztecos is a recently established food truck operated by Jezreel Caldera and team. They keep a tight menu of burros and quesadillas, but they're especially known for their tacos. Caldera says he's used to going to his grandmother's house to get recipes, whereas his customers can get authentic food from the Jeztecos taco truck's modern kitchen.

We chatted electronically with Caldera himself, who gave us the lowdown on Jeztecos’ upcoming presence at the 2019 Tacolandia.

What makes the Jeztecos tacos different from other taco joints/trucks?

My grandmother always says when you cook, cook with love, as if you’re serving family. We want our customers to feel like family, so we do that by serving family recipes in a modern atmosphere.

Are you guys excited for Tacolandia?
Absolutely! We’re very excited because we are fairly new to the market and we look forward continue to grow within venues that we can have the opportunity to showcase our roots. We are excited to open our 2019 year at Tacolandia.

Does Jeztecos do many food festivals?
I’m a recent culinary graduate from Scottsdale Community College, and festivals allow me to put different spins on the menu, with each festival varying in food experiences.

Why did you feel Tacolandia was a good fit for Jeztecos?
Who doesn’t love tacos? I think it will be a good platform for people to try our rendition of the al pastor taco.

Are you really ready to serve unlimited taco samples?!
Oh, yeah, I’ve been training for this my whole life. We have a great team and are ready to serve what the people want ... tacos.

Y’all ready for this? Purchase your 2019 Tacolandia tickets today.
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