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5 Best Veggie Burgers in Metro Phoenix

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Ah, the veggie burger. It's arguably the most popular item on a vegetarian-friendly menu -- and the scariest. And so we've eaten veggie burgers far and wide, across the Valley, seeking out the five best in metro Phoenix. Meat lovers, take note. You might learn something.

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FEZ: Black Bean Veggie Burger FEZ serves up a veggie burger that is nothing sort of delicious.The patty consists of grilled cumin and garlic black beans on fresh wheat ciabatta with roasted tomato goat cheese spread, topped with radish and red onion slaw and side options of salad or fries. The well-seasoned burger is very moist and tends to slide off the bun, so grab a fork to finish the job.

New York Flavor: Veggie Burger New York Flavor definitely knows what they are doing in the veggie burger business. Chef Craig Emmons makes the patty from his own creative recipe, charring it to give the burger a crispy grilled taste. The burger comes on a light, airy bun, topped with lettuce, tomato, onion and honey mustard. Sides include potato salad, coleslaw, pasta salad, fries, or a side salad.

Pomegrante Cafe: Teriyaki Burger with Stir Fry Pomegrant Cafe tries a new spin on veggie burgers by offering a different "Pom" Burger special each day. The day's patty will be placed on a grain bun served with root vegetable fries, pomegranate BBQ and a side choice including berry salad, vegan cole slaw or hummus and veggies. We tried the Teriyaki Burger with Stir Fry patty, which tasted just like stir fry -- in patty form. The burger was moist and complemented the bun by letting all the flavor come from the patty. The pomegranate BBQ sauce was just sweet enough to drizzle over the patty and the side berry salad with the berry dressing was almost like a dessert.

Hillstone: Home-Made Veggie Burger Hillstone, which is part of the Houston's chain of restaurants, has a menu made up mostly of classic American dishes, with a few sushi items. And Hillstone is well-known for its delicious handmade daily veggie burger.

The Hillstone veggie burger is big enough to share. The patty is made of rice, beans, barley, onions and red beets so good you barely need a bun and toppings. But don't skip them since this burger is served on a toasted sesame seed bun with thick cut tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, pickles, jack cheese, mayo, and mustard. The mashed beets added a unique sweetness paired with a caramelized soy glaze. Overall, the burger was memorable and would make any meat lover turn vegetarian. Well, at least for one meal.

Bragg's Diner Factory: Beet Burger Bragg's Diner Factory is a quaint diner serving breakfast and lunch on Grand Avenue in downtown Phoenix. The menu has a variety of vegan sandwiches and burgers as well a breakfast items like tofu scrambled with chilies and corn. Bragg's Diner Factory's veggie burger is not to be missed. The sweet taste of the beet burger is topped with grilled corn and onions and served on whole grain toasted bun with a vegan mayo spread mellowing out the sweetness of the burger with a rustic finish. Bragg's also gives you the choice of multiple sides in either the breakfast or lunch menu. The sides include potato salad, cole slaw, kettle chips, or fresh fruit.

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