Sugar Rush

5 Lowbrow Desserts That Deserve More Street Cred

Lowbrow - n. One having uncultivated tastes.

When I was a kid -- let's say 8 years old -- I would often spend the night at my grandma's house. She lived in a duplex, and her house was locked with skeleton keys. There was a huge collection of costume jewelry and scarves for playtime, and she would let me clip all the scarves to her clothesline so I could watch the colors blow in the breeze.

The highlight of these sleepovers was a trip to Ponderosa Steakhouse, where I would order the salad bar, then go to town eating an Oreo-laden whipped cream/frosting/pudding concoction that was located near the Jell-O. I laugh now and also am disgusted by how much of that stuff I ate, but I was a kid and Oreo whipped cream was an adventure.

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Rachel Miller
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