5 Things You Need for Your Garden This Spring in Metro Phoenix

Spring is one of the best times in the desert and with it comes a fresh stock of great things for your garden. This warm weather is an inspiration to get growing and take on new projects. Whether you just like the practical stuff, or need fresh ideas, here's what we're needing and lusting for this spring.

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Fruit Picker, $17.99 at Baker's Nursery Did you even know this existed? For the practical gardener who hates ladders, this is the perfect and yet, affordable item. If you have citrus it's especially important to harvest fruit before it rots and this tool makes it easy to access those hard to reach places in your tree.

Water-Wise Plants for the Southwest Book $12.95 at the Southwest Gardener If saving money and the environment is on your mind going into summer-time, this book is the definitive guide to planting, choosing plants and creating a low-water landscape. Co-authored by Mary Irish, who has lived in Arizona over 20 years, the book also includes soil and placement recommendations. If you're hoping to plant more than fruits and veggies, this book offers great landscape recommendations.

Outdoor String Lights from Bulbrite, about $129 available online Want to add night-time charm to your patio or garden? Always admired the string lights used on rooftops in the movies? Bulbrite has the lights for you. Each string has 15 lights and they come in a variety of bulb options to match your taste. Is this price to rich for you taste? Crate and Barrel along with craigslist offer options under $50.

Basic Organic Compost, about $4 at Home Depot You can't go wrong with this. When something os wrong in your veggie garden or a big wind storm erodes your soil, compost is the solution. Although we love shopping local, big box stores often have a great price on a just a plain old bag of compost. Even though it's affordable, after a few bags you'll wish you had decided to make a compost pile earlier in the year. (Don't worry! There's a post in the future about this topic!)

Ranchhand Overalls by Current/Elliot, $345 at the Willows These are for the gals who have it all. Overalls are not only on-trend for spring fashion wise- they're also great in the garden! These lust-worthy overalls are more flattering than their relatives at the feed store and come with that lived in, vintage soft feel. Best of all you can pretty much wear them as casual-wear to almost any place in town and no one will bat an eye.

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