7 Diamondbacks Players Share Their Favorite Places for Eats and Drinks in Metro Phoenix

Spring training brings plenty of visitors to the Valley -- we're talking about baseball fanatics and players from around the league. Everyone wants a piece of the action (and the weather) and, of course, you can't participate in all the activity without also indulging in some of the Valley's restaurants and bars. If you're wondering where the players like to eat and drink -- and where you might catch a glimpse of one or two -- we've got the answer.

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Find out which D-back can't get enough of the Mission's streak tacos and where Texas-boy Paul Goldschmidt goes to get a fix of his hometown eats. And for single ladies, we've got the scoop on where one the Valley's most eligible bachelors likes to hang out (and take his dates).

John McDonald Infielder

Favorite Restaurant: Proof at the Four Seasons

"We went to Sushi Brokers last night and that was pretty good. But you know what? Proof at the Four Seasons -- that's awesome. The windows are open to the outside and they've got dark big wooden tables. It's not fine dining, but the food is good. I got the beer-can chicken and it was really good."

Favorite Bar: Dos Gringos

Brad Zeigler Pitcher

Favorite Restaurant: Mastro's City Hall Steakhouse

"[I like the] filet Mignon and butter cake."

Daniel Hudson Pitcher

Favorite Restaurant: Mastro's Ocean Club

Favorite Bar: Firehouse

"I guess I've been there the most, but I'm not a big nightclub guy, anyway."

Paul Goldschmidt Infielder

Favorite Restaurant: Rudy's BBQ

"I've gotta go with Rudy's BBQ, because that's my favorite place to get Texas food out here. It's cheap. It's just like picnic tables. You don't get plates. You're like, 'I want a half pound of brisket and a sausage link and some potato salad . . .or whatever.'"

Favorite Bar: RnR

"Ra Sushi and RnR are good for Happy Hour, but RnR gets crowded during spring with a lot of Giants fans."

Wade Miley Pitcher

Favorite Restaurant: The Mission

"I love the carne asada tacos -- the steak tacos -- I can eat, like, six of them at a time."

Eric Chavez Infielder

Favorite Restaurant: J. Alexander's

Favorite Bar: Zipps

"You know, I like the Zipps bars because they have shuffleboard -- and I've got a shuffleboard in my house."

Casey Wilcox
Director of Player & Media Relations
(and one of the 16 most eligible Phoenicians)

Favorite Restaurant: Olive and Ivy

Favorite Bar: Coach House

"That's good, old fashioned fun, right?"

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