A Farewell to Karsh's Bakery, The Valley's Best Jewish Bakery

For more than four decades Karsh's Bakery was famous in this town, one of best and longest-lasting Jewish bakeries in a city where finding good rye bread and rugalach can pose a real challenge. So when news broke the bakery would be closing its doors, customers jumped at the chance to grab one last loaf of pumpernickel and a handful of black-and-white cookies. In the bakery's last day of business on Wednesday, March 26, customers flooded the shop with business.

But the truth is that these days connivence had taken precedence over quality and most customers pick up their rye bread at a grocery store instead of a bakery. It's the end of era, perhaps not only for Karsh's but for all bakeries of its type.

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Here's an excerpt from this week's goodbye to Karsh's Bakery by Robrt Pela:

People are wistful about endings. "It's the end of an era," people will say when someone they loved dies or when the movie house they visited for decades is razed. In the 21st century, even a middling network television show ends with a much-ballyhooed Final Episode.

The usual references to eras ending were made when Karsh's Bakery closed for good last month. People lined up for hours on March 26 to buy this Jewish bakery's black-and-white cookies and rye bread for the last time. TV journalists wandered among the crowd, asking how to spell hamentaschen and what shoppers planned to order, while their cameramen filmed people buying mondel bread and crying.

Hungry for more? Check out the full story about Karsh's Bakery.

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