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A Meal of Roast Beef, Bacon, and Egg Between Bread with a Side of Crazy-Good Slaw

Oh, I know, it's summer and I'm supposed to be talking about light sandwiches lovingly layered with garden-fresh fare, warmed by the season's sun, and served with the sounds of wild peach-faced love birds.

Well not today.

Today is about hearty. Today is about meat and egg and slaw and sturdy bread and a sandwich that won't leave you wasting away in the heat.

If you happen to be at Hanny's, the former department store turned bar and restaurant downtown, and you are hungry, order up the roast beef sandwich ($12.50). Stuffed with tender, grilled choice ribeye, Nueske's bacon, a fried egg, and arugula on sturdy yet soft ciabatta bread, it is a highly satisfying and hearty breakfast-like hoagie -- and its stellar side of Gorgonzola slaw made extra-crunchy thanks to pistachios is nearly (nearly) too much deliciousness to bear.

Dare it be had with one of Hanny's killer cocktails? Of course. It's what the sandwich would want. Why deny it, and you, the pleasure.

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Laura Hahnefeld
Contact: Laura Hahnefeld