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A Toast to Melts?

>Suffering from burger boredom? The fast-food joints are. Since last year, they've been banishing their buns in lieu of toast, delivering melted fare to the masses, waving the "Hey, look at me! I'm different!" flag.

Enter the melt.

The patty melt, the grilled melt, the meat and cheese melt. Whatever it's called, a melt is a burger sans bun, replaced with toast. But wait. Is it still a burger? Does its toast coat automatically send it to sandwich land? Discuss and get back to Fry Girl, 'cause my head's spinnin'.

Check out this week's column where I go into melt mode and see who's food melted fare makes the grade, and if I've missed any you'd like to make melted note of, post a comment.

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Laura Hahnefeld
Contact: Laura Hahnefeld