Angels Trumpet Ale House: A Blessing for Suds Lovers, But the Food Needs Some Help from Above

When it comes to beer, Angels Trumpet Ale House is a blessing.

Thanks to its 31 craft brews rotating on tap, which include local favorites, seasonals, and all-over IPAs, the one-of-a-kind drinking establishment, opened last August, is a popular choice with the downtown crowd. Many worship their brews atop stools at the alehouse's altar of stark white tiles and gleaming taps, others at wooden tables and chairs under low lights in the dining area, and some under the heavens on the patio out back.

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But Angels Trumpet is not just an alehouse; it's a restaurant, too. And it's the other half of the gastropub equation -- the food -- that the celestial beings seem to have abandoned. What remains is the devil, and he most definitely is not in the details.

Here's an excerpt from this week's review:

"One [sandwich] that could be 86'd altogether is the Nutter. A senseless novelty sandwich of peanut butter, raspberry chipotle, bananas, marshmallow fluff, and bacon, it is easily one of the vilest things I've tasted (and this from the gal who ate a scorpion). If you can get past the image of glistening pieces of buttery fried sourdough housing a sloppy filling oozing a milky liquid and take a bite, you'll receive a cloying punch of mush mixed with bread so hard it borders on crouton-esque and takes an eternity to swallow. I'm not sure what craft beer this atrocity best pairs with, but I know there isn't enough of it on tap to extinguish the aftertaste."

Want to know more? Read my full review of Angels Trumpet Ale House.

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