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Battle of the Croissants: Essence Bakery vs. Frogs Organic Bakery

If you let yourself be romantic, a morning stroll through an open-air farmers market like the one in Old Town Scottsdale isn't all too different than a walk down the shops at Rue Cler in Paris. You can still tuck a baguette under your arm, walk down narrow(ish) streets where brick walls and cement sidewalks create edges, and soak up the sun while you let banter and footsteps provide you with music.

And the inspiration shouldn't stop there -- not once you've worked up an appetite for breakfast, or a snack to hold you over until a late lunch.
You'll probably be looking for a croissant.
For the French pastry lover, the Scottsdale Old Town Farmers Market offers no finer dilemma. Newcomers Frogs Organic Bakery from Tucson are building a enthusiastic following of croissant lovers - just up the center aisle from the croissants at Essence Bakery, which Valley folks will passionately tell you couldn't possibly get better.

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Shelby Moore