Big changes at Methode Bistro

A few days ago, I heard a rumor that Methode Bistro was going to be sold, and woot, there it is: chef Matt McLinn says the sale is already in the works.

Sure, the economy's pretty lame right now, but I wonder if there's something up with that space. Have you ever been there? It's tucked away in the back of a plaza, with zero visibility from the street, and unless a restaurant has some serious buzz, I just have to wonder if it will ultimately languish. There's a practical reason why "Out of sight, out of mind" is a cliche.

Think back to when Restaurant Hapa occupied that space, when it was a hot new restaurant. Chef James McDevitt was a culinary golden child, and his sushi lounge sensation was whom? That's right, it was chef Nobu Fukuda, who went on to open Sea Saw and get mad props from Food + Wine and the James Beard Foundation.

Anyway, I'm just saying that even star-power like that seems to fade in that tucked-away nook. But you know me, always hoping for the best -- I sure hope the Italian place that eventually takes over Methode has a successful run.

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