Bizarre Foods at the State Fair: Smoked Lizard on a Stick, Anyone?

Seems like the Arizona State Fair is ground zero for extreme eats. Every year, the fair outdoes itself for taking decadent, beyond-bad-for-you snacks and making them even naughtier, usually by dunking them into a deep fryer.

What's on the menu this year?

How about deep-fried, battered bacon on a stick -- with gravy!

Yes, the goodies have to be on a stick. They'll even have deep-fried grasshoppers on a stick, and better yet, smoked lizard on a stick. Look for reindeer hot dogs (for real?), deep-fried scorpion (plain or chocolate dipped), and sauteed meal worms on a bun with barbecue sauce (getting into serious gross out territory here).

Kind of makes deep-fried tiramisu sound completely harmless in comparison -- I bet they'll sell a bunch of that.


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