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Bottleshop48 Is Tempe's Newest Destination For Unique Wine and Beer Finds

For Bottleshop48 owner Jordan Book, Tempe's newest craft beer and wine shop is all about creating a local establishment you can trust. Book opened the craft beer and wine shop on the southwest corner of Southern Avenue and McClintock Drive and hopes to create a corner store of sorts, one where craft beer and wine enthusiasts can count on finding a variety of locally made beverages and unique finds from all over the country and globe. 

The 2,000-square-foot establishment has 500 square feet dedicated to wine and 1,000 square feet for handcrafted beer. Book aims to offer beer and wines that may not appeal the masses, favoring instead more unique products.

“There’s no marketing campaign pushing beers down consumers' throats saying if you drink this, you’ll be sexier or you’ll be a winner,” Book says. 

Off-the-beaten-path offerings include wines from Mathaisson in Napa Valley and Columbia River’s Gramercy to League of Rogues out of Paso Robles, California, a winery headed up by husband-and-wife team Jake Gottlieb and Jessica Leitch — both graduates and former athletes at Arizona State University who have since become winemakers.

If craft beer is more your style, Book presents the same exploratory lineup. Current inventory includes everything from newly popular sour brews to a diverse selection of IPA’s, limited barrel-aged catches, and brown ales.

Having caught the craft beer bug while working in Australia on a six-month work visa, Book tried his hand at everything from bartending to helping with the brewing process. His experiences sparked a passion, and there was no turning back when he  returned to his hometown. That's when Book decided he wanted to create a place where East Valley residents could become familiar with as many local varieties as he could get his hands on.
With less of a push on mass produced products, Book hopes to find opportunities to allocate otherwise unavailable offerings locally and nationally. The shop will eventually add a rotating growler station, where patrons can fill up on freshly kegged local offerings. 

For more information, check the Bottleshop48 website

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