Brew Review: Black Boss Porter

I have been accused of being the last person to jump on the pop culture train. I bring this up because I recently discovered (unlike the rest of America) "Like A Boss" by The Lonely Island. And you know what? Like Andy Samberg, I'm feeling extra corporate today, so (like a boss) I picked up a bottle of Black Boss Porter made by Browar Witnica

But is this product of Poland worthy of upper management or the brew of slack-jawed interns who'd rather watch Youtube videos all day than do any work. There's only one way to find out: like a boss.

Taste: Thick and delicious. Bad porters share taste profiles with good soy sauces. This one tastes like caramel goodness. The 9.4% alcohol is firm without micro-managing the flavor (like a boss).

I got mine: at Aj's Fine Foods for about $2.72 for a bottle. I spend wisely (like a boss).

Goes with: obliterating that post-work week, worn-out feeling. Drink deeply (like a boss).

Verdict: if break rooms were stocked with Black Boss Porter, the world would be a better place. If you're the kind of man with his own bathroom (like a boss) you may be able to enjoy more than a pint of Black Boss Porter, but for the rest of us one should be enough to fill you up. Go out and drink this (like a boss) secure in the knowledge that your taste buds are about to receive a serious promotion (like a boss).

Happy drinking (like a boss)!


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