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Budget Beat: Indulge Burgers & More

It'd been a while since I'd written about a Scottsdale in Budget Beat, so I was due. An acquaintance who lives in S-Dale suggested I hit up an upscale-esque hamburger joint on the southwest corner of Shea Boulevard and Scottsdale Road. When I found out this place had a weekday happy hour special, I jumped at the chance to go to Indulge Burgers & More.

Situated near a Fresh & Easy in a strip mall, Indulge was doing a brisk business on a recent Tuesday night. And I can see why it's popular -- for one, it's all about hamburgers, and what carnivore doesn't like the all-American treat? Also, its burgers are priced ($10, on average) so that Indulge's patrons feel as though they're paying for something special while not being

Cheddar mushroom burger: Sorry for the blur.

Anyway, we (sorta) played the game, ordering a 2/3-pound burger to split between us, cooked medium, whole wheat bun, horseradish cheddar, mushrooms, and "our burger sauce" (served on the side thankfully). The meat tasted decent, the bun was fresh and soft, the cheese flavor was not as bold as its name indicated, and the burger sauce was ostensibly Thousand Island dressing. All in all, it was a fine hamburger . . . but was it worth $11.75? That is one expensive hamburger, dear readers. 

Indulge Burgers & More
10392 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale

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