Caffiend: Molotov Explosive Energy

Energy drinks come in all kinds of flavors, but we've got to admit, the Molotov line of energy drinks contains some of the most eclectic: tamarind, mango, and pineapple -- the latter two combined with Tapatio hot sauce and lemon.

We were unsure how a fruity, carbonated drink would taste with hot sauce, so we tried the fruitiest flavor we could find: pineapple with Tapatio. To our surprise, the sweetness of the pineapple remained the dominant flavor, and there was no hint of hot sauce on the first few sips.

But after putting the drink down and taking some breaths, the spice crept up on us. A slight burning began in the the throat, followed by the familiar tingle of hot sauce on the tongue. It wasn't unbearably spicy, but it was, well, different -- like sipping a slightly carbonated Bloody Mary.

As far as energy goes, the Molotov formula's pretty standard: tons of B vitamins, and a 5000 mg energy blend of caffeine, guarana, and amino acids. It delivers a significant sugar rush, and the hot sauce provides its own kind of kick. Molotov may not be the best thing for sustained energy throughout the day, but it would definitely make an interesting conversation drink at a party.

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