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Chedda Truck Food Truck (Now With Burgers) Debuting Again This Saturday

Last June, Nick Watts' mobile kitchen of grilled cheese sandwiches, called Chedda Truck, made its debut to a huge (and unexpected) crowd at Artistic Tattoo in Central Phoenix.

Watts sold nearly 175 sandwiches in three hours, but customers were angry at the wait time (over an hour) and many left or were turned away. The experience stunned Watts, and he closed up shop the next day, apologizing to customers on Twitter and saying he would return, but not without making some major changes.

Now, over a year later, Watts, who has worked with notable chefs such as Payton Curry, Justin Beckett (Beckett's Table), and Jeff Yankellow of the defunct Simply Bread, is back.

And this time, he's bringing burgers.

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Watts has updated Chedda Truck's concept from grilled cheese sandwiches to a menu of inventive burgers incorporating ingredients such as homemade chili, truffle cheese, and pastrami. One of them, called Ol' Faithful, is topped with beer-braised onions, roasted tomatoes, white sharp cheddar, lettuce, and tarragon Russian dressing. Another, featuring a seven-ounce veggie patty layered with roasted tomatoes, Brie, watercress, and corn pudding, goes by the name Damn Hipster.

Truck-made tater tots, fries, and a Mexican Coke-braised pork belly will be offered as sides.

Watts' return to the food truck world will happen from 5 to 9 p.m. this Saturday, October 5, at the same place it debuted over a year ago: Artistic Tattoo in Central Phoenix (664 West Camelback Road).

For more information, follow Chedda Truck on Twitter.

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Laura Hahnefeld
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