Closed for Business: Tutto at SouthBridge

Chef-restaurateur Joseph Gutierrez told me this afternoon that as of yesterday, Tutto is no more. The SouthBridge restaurant barely lasted half a year.

Not-so-coincidentally, I spoke with one of the potential new owners yesterday, and was told off-the-record about the deal.


I'd love to tell you more, but nothing's official yet.

The Tutto space originally housed Digestif, and remains a great restaurant space in Old Town, with its wood-burning oven, spacious dining room and patio, funky bar, and prime location on Stetson Drive.

Down the street, also at SouthBridge, Gutierrez still owns Acua, which replaced Canal a few months back. He tells me that they will soon be changing the concept of the restaurant, keeping the name but ditching the existing French-Asian fusion menu. He is also working on opening Tapas Papa Fritas in the same retail complex.


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