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CLOSED: Mambo's Restaurant in Queen Creek

Mambo's, the family-owned restaurant serving traditional comida dominicana in Queen Creek, has shuttered.

Courtesy of former New Yorker Eddie Taveras and his family, Mambo's, which opened under a year ago, brought the food and flavors of the Dominican Republic to a former pizza joint in Queen Creek.

"We wanted to do something different," Taveras told me in January. "There's a lot of Mexican food [in the Valley]."

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The Taveras kept the pizza on the menu to satisfy the previous restaurant's customers and added classic Dominican food, made from family recipes, for everyone else. Dishes included the fried plantain-based dish, mofongo, Dominican fried chicken, a Dominican-style burger called the Chimi, and specials such as oxtail and pan-fried pork chops.

A message on the restaurant's Facebook page had this to say:

"To All our customers and supporters,


We would like to thank each and everyone one of you for your support and kindness this passed year. It was really great meeting all of you and your families. It has been a real pleasure sharing our food and traditions with you all.

Thank you so much, From all of us at Mambo's restaurant"

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Laura Hahnefeld
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