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Crepes Suzette at Cibo for New Year's Eve

Not sure the best way to celebrate this New Year's Eve? With less than a week left to plan, you'd better start making those restaurant reservations right away. You can pick a place based on their dinner or drink menu, but the real way to mark any special occasion is with decadent dessert.

This December 31st, reserve a table at Cibo in downtown Phoenix to enjoy simple-yet-amazing Crepes Suzette in the restaurant's romantic - and well heated - garden dining area. After all, dessert that's plied with liquor and set on fire just screams New Year's Eve, doesn't it?

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Crepes Suzette doesn't require many ingredients: crepes, orange juice and marmalade, butter, sugar, and Grand Marnier (an orange liqueur made from Cognac, oranges, spices, and vanilla). Oh, and don't forget the last ingredient - FIRE, necessary to pull the flavors together by caramelizing the sugar and sauce into a tasty syrup. While the flame won't erupt like fireworks, it will dance small and blue on the plate for a minute before you can dig in.

Don't let the simplicity of this dessert fool you; its flavor is intense and highly addictive. Cibo's crepes are incredibly soft and light and soak up the sauce wonderfully. The orange marmalade filling adds the perfect pop of acidic citrus, lightening the impact of the Grand Marnier, which is sweet but with a depth of flavor from being aged in oak barrels.

Crepes Suzette can be ordered with either whipped cream or ice cream for an additional $2, but they don't need any extras to be wickedly delicious. If you really want to indulge this New Year's Eve, order two or even three plates, because you definitely won't want to share. (I stared down my boyfriend for the last three bites. Although I won, I still had to bite my tongue to stop myself from ordering more.)

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