D'Arcy McGee's at Tempe Marketplace

By: Megan Irwin

The latest bar to open at Tempe Marketplace.

D’Arcy McGee’s is the latest chain restaurant to come to Tempe Marketplace. And as far as chains (this one’s based out of Canada) go, this one is pretty good. On a scale where let’s say Ruby Tuesday is the bottom and, oh I don’t know, P.F. Changs is at the top, D’Arcy McGee’s ranks a notch above Applebees.

And I don’t begrudge it for that. It’s not like an independent pub could afford the rent at Tempe’s newest mall. It’s generic, yeah, but that’s not always bad. If you’re at Tempe Marketplace and you’re craving a beer that isn’t Budweiser, this is your best bet. We give this location bonus points for being the chain’s restaurant on American soil – the rest are in Ontario, Canada.

It’s got all the makings of a classic Irish pub – dark wood interior, waitresses in black and white kilts, good beers on tap. The barkeep was especially friendly, if anything, I’d go back because his service was so good.

I didn’t get a chance to try much of the food, but I did try the bread pudding, and it was delicious. Like any good Irish woman, I judge a pub mostly by the quality of the alcohol available, McGees has a fine selection of bottled beer, draught beer (yay Strongbow!), and of course, whiskey.

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Megan Irwin
Contact: Megan Irwin