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Dark Hall Coffee Launches with 100 Percent Vegan Drinks, Pastries

Chocolate banana cake. Peach galette. All vegan.
Meagan Mastriani
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The team behind veg-friendly staple The Coronado, a popular spot to eat and caffeinate, has opened Dark Hall Coffee, which specializes in plant-based drinks and pastries.

The coffee shop soft-launched on April 1, and officially makes its debut on Friday, April 13, a fitting day for the new shop with goth vibes at Seventh Avenue and Osborn Road.

Dark Hall is tucked in a corner next to an accidents-and-injuries attorney, within sight of two Starbucks. The shop's  atmosphere and artwork alone are worth the visit. You'll see gorgeous floral wallpaper behind the bar and a triptych of mystical-looking skeleton posters. (Bonus: Dark Hall is in the same shopping strip as Copper State Tattoo, whose artists painted a mural of a swordsman wrestling a koi fish that you can admire from the patio seats.)

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Parched? Try an iced americano or brown sugar lemonade.
Meagan Mastriani
Stay for the fully vegan menu, with coffee and tea drinks featuring housemade nut milks and oat milk. The cortados, cappuccinos, lattes, and more are all dairy-free. Dark Hall has some killer cold beverages like a brown sugar lemonade, espresso and tonic, and a current special called the Arizona Sunset, featuring fresh-squeezed blood orange juice and espresso.

The pastry case is stocked throughout the day. During a recent visit, there were rows of salted dark chocolate chip cookies, sticky cinnamon rolls, iced shortbread topped with cornflower and marigold petals, lavender cake with periwinkle icing and rainbow sprinkles, and plenty more.

As we left, the staff were loading in a fresh batch of peach galettes.

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Meagan Mastriani

Dark Hall’s summer hours are 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily, and the owners plan to extend them until 7 p.m. in the fall.

Rotating monthly drink specials will keep customers refreshed in the hot months ahead. Keep in mind that Dark Hall comfortably seats about 15 people, including indoor and outdoor tables, so it may be more fitting for a quick snack or catch-up session, rather than a place to camp out and work for hours on end.

Dark Hall Coffee. 3343 North Seventh Avenue, #3; 602-277-5507.
Daily from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.
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