Battle of the Dishes

Deer Garden Signature vs. Slanted Rice: Clay Pot Clash

There are two kinds of people in this world -- those who eat the crust, and those who don't. We're not just talking about sandwich and pizza crust. In this case the crust in question is that of the traditional Chinese clay pot rice dish.

In a cuisine full of quick-to-prepare (and even quicker to consume) dishes, crispy clay pot rice requires a bit more labor. Rice is typically soaked in water for an hour before it's put in a clay pot alongside some form of fat, soy sauce, and a touch of oil. After 10 minutes of low heat, and 5 minutes of high heat cooking, the rice forms a crunchy, slightly burnt crust all around the bottom of the pot.

Here at Chow Bella, more often than not, crust is a must. So, with spoon in hand, we set off to try two local restaurants to get to the bottom of the clay pot -- and then proceed to scrape it off.

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Kristy Westgard
Contact: Kristy Westgard