Digestif Closes in Wake of Payton Curry's Departure

Chef Payton Curry

had planned on staying with Digestif through this coming weekend (for the Crave culinary festival), but last night was his final turn in the kitchen there. Curry recently gave notice at the Old Town restaurant to make a move to Tempe's Caffe Boa.

Spaghetti Western "buzz and schmooze" gal Mari Markogianis says the restaurant is now closed, although restaurateur Peter Kasperski wants to reopen it by the end of the year as a different restaurant.

"We had a good run with Payton," she says.

The name Digestif will likely be gone, but they'll keep the gastropub concept, Markogianis says, because craft cocktails and different dishes from around the world is "turning out to be a winner for us." The restaurant space will also get a facelift.


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