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Kangaroo Anyone?
Down Under Wines & Bistro has unveiled it's new summer menu -- whose up for an order of Roo Rolls and Crocodile Potstickers? The menu is made up of an interesting combination of Australian and Asian fusion including eggrolls stuffed with Kangaroo, grilled 'roo medallions and exotic meat sliders. Join the Gilbert wine bistro tonight as they celebrate the first night of the summer menu with the smooth sounds of jazz band Late Harvest and plenty of Australian wine. If you can't make it out tonight, be sure and reserve your spot for the "Around the World" Italian dinner June 8th. Three courses for $20 ++,  space is extremly limited. Call 480-545-4900 to RSVP.

Down Under Wines & Bistro's New Menu and Iced Mochas in Today's Eater's Digest

DIY Iced Mocha
No offense to our favorite local coffee shops, but we're going to go ahead and start making our own iced mocha's from here on out. We absolutely love Jessica's homemade Iced Mocha recipe that we found on her blog "How Sweet It Is" Chocolate syrup, fresh whipped cream and a mocha rim?! That beats any and all mocha's. We cheated a little and used a can of illy Caffe instead of brewing our own. It was amazing and no brewing required!

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