Dessert First

Earnest in Chandler Serves High-Quality Desserts at Affordable Prices

There are plenty of places in town for good desserts, and there are plenty of places in town that offer a great happy hour. But restaurants that combine both? Well, that's pretty rare. 

Earnest, located at 4991 S Alma School Road in south Chandler, has a sophisticated decor with an impressive menu and wine list — but best of all, the restaurant has dessert on its happy hour menu

As soon as you walk in the door, you'll notice a photo-worthy display of wine bottles, but this showcase isn't just for show; the restaurant's wine list is really quite impressive. And though Earnest's patio is tucked in between two buildings, the somewhat uninspiring location becomes unimportant once you're seating. The atmosphere lets you focus on your company and your food instead. This is a place where you want to take your time to savor every minute.

Happy hour is from 5  to 6:30 on the patio and at the bar. If you want to partake in the deals, you might want to specify you're there for that reason when you arrive. (We didn't and were escorted to the dining room and had to ask to be seated on the patio, and had to ask again for happy hour menus from our server.)

We had pretty high expectations for the desserts even if they were discounted, knowing that co-owner Danielle Morris also serves as the restaurant's pastry chef. Fortunately all the desserts on the happy hour menu were quite affordable, ranging in price from $4 to $8, and for the most part, they lived up to our sweet dreams. 

We couldn't resist the banana cream pie when our server described the restaurant's twist on the classic dessert. The dessert's creamy filling is banana flavored, which is then covered with marshmallow topping that's toasted to perfection. The Oreo crust is also excellent, giving this dessert a delightful combination of flavors. The dish may  not sound very banana cream pie like, but nevertheless, the flavors worked well together.

We also ordered the bread pudding based on recommendations from our server. Comparatively, we were a bit underwhelmed. The dessert definitely looked spectacular with a sprinkling of edible flowers on top adding a pop of color in the adorable little pot — but the bread was a bit dry and caramel barely noticeable. The creme fraiche ice cream, however, was a dream being so light and fresh.

Thanks to this dessert discovery, happy hours will never be the same for us again.

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Jenny Zink
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