"Edible Anus" Chocolates Exist Thanks To Some Cheeky UK Chocolatiers

Because breast milk lollipops weren't scary enough, now you can also purchase high-quality confections made to look just like someone's anus. The world as we know it has officially crossed the line from slightly disturbed to just plain disgusting and we can never go back again.

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Courtesy of the folks behind Edible Anus, butt hole-shaped chocolates can be ordered online in three varieties: milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. According to the website the "luxury chocolate" is made in the UK and was cast from the behind of a "stunning butt model."

And if you believe what they say on their website, the company's not trying to gross people out with their product.

Oh no, they have some high-minded goals for their butt hole candy.

"We believe the anus range can dissolve the cultural boundaries of race, gender, class and sexual orientation," it reads. "Join the uprising, spread the joy and let's teach the world to love the anus."

But if you're not into the whole eating a butt hole thing, you can still join the uprising by purchasing some of their other merchandise, which includes "anus" t-shirts and mugs.

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