Fast Food Fish Sandwiches in Fry Girl's Debut Column

Look, up in the sky! Er, make that behind the wheel of that car over there.

It's neither bird nor plane, and it's certainly not that sappy-faced, beef-slinging Wendy character. No, it's Fry Girl! A new column in Phoenix New Times' print edition, where each week we'll bring you reviews of all food that is fast -- from Nogales-style bacon-wrapped hot dogs out of the back of a truck to the latest bacon-piled atrocity offered up by Carl's Jr.

This week, Fry Girl debuts with a round-up review of fast food fish sandwiches -- just in time for those of you about to toss in the Lent towel and order up a Big Mac or three.

And just who, you ask, is that mysterious woman behind the wheel, waiting impatiently at the drive-thru window?

Fry Girl is penned by none other than Chow Bella's own Laura Hahnefeld.

What?! You don't read bylines? Then perhaps you will recognize Laura from her booze-filled mornings as Day Drinker. She's also brought us some culinary delights (more like disasters) in a series called Food Lab 2010

We can't wait to see what Fry Girl pulls from the deep-fat fryer next week.

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