Flancer's Dessert Showdown: Your Creation and Name On Their Menu for One Year

Your "Seven-Layer Neapolitan, Reese's Pieces, and Tangerine Slices" dessert creation may currently be a family favorite, but how 'bout seeing it on a restaurant menu for one year -- with your name -- plus score some scratch to boot?

It could happen. Flancer's Cafe, the sandwich and pizzeria joint with locations in Gilbert and Mesa, is hosting its third annual "Your Charity" Dessert Showdown. The winning dessert will be sold for one year at both Flancer's locations with a portion of the sales going to the winner's charity of choice. In addition to bragging rights, the winner will also take home a trophy and a Flancer's gift card worth $100.

Pretty sweet.

Get the details on how to enter after the jump.

To enter Flancer's "Your Charity" Dessert Showdown, bring your recipe and a sample of the dessert to either Flancer's location now through Friday, October 14.

The winning dessert will be chosen based on the following criteria: - Visual appeal - Taste - Ease of recipe - Readily available ingredients - Originality

Finalists will compete in Flancer's Dessert Showdown in Mesa on Sunday, October 16th.

The winner will have their name and dessert featured at Flancer's for one year, with a portion of the proceeds donated to the winner's chosen charity.

The winner will also receive a $100 Flancer's gift certificate and a trophy.

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