FnB and Eddie's House in Scottsdale Will Serve Passover Seder Tomorrow Night

Perhaps you're getting ready to serve a terrific Passover seder but realize you're just not up to the task. Or maybe you forgot that this Friday night, you're supposed to be feasting on brisket, matzo, chopped liver, and more.

In either case, there's still hope. Tomorrow night, both FnB restaurant in Scottsdale and Eddie's House in Scottsdale will serve Passover seder menus that make it easy to acknowledge the holiday without having to step into the kitchen.

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FnB's Passover menu will be available tomorrow night starting at 5 and costs $52 for adults and $20 for kids. The menu includes family-style appetizers, followed by chicken soup with a baby matzo ball, a third course, and then dessert. For reservations call 480-284-4777.

Eddie's House's Passover menu includes a seder plate, charouset, and all the matzo you can eat with featured entrees including your choice of crispy chicken, beef brisket, or apple and onion encrusted salmon. The meal costs $49 for adults or $19.95 for children under 12 years old. Call 480-946-1622 for a reservation.

You can view both menus below:

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Lauren Saria
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