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Fruit Lover's Paradise at Frutilandia

We spin the globe and search for otherworldly spots to expand our eating horizons around the Valley. The Place: Frutilandia...
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We spin the globe and search for otherworldly spots to expand our eating horizons around the Valley.

The Place: Frutilandia

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The Setting: Fruit is supposed to make you feel bright and cheery, and that's exactly what this Mesa spot does the moment you walk in. The walls are bright, the music is fun and there's a mural of dancing fruit on the wall. Frutilandia's menu is displayed on TV screens at back of the restaurant where all orders are placed. Just underneath that is a case of ice cream, paletas, fruit mixes and a whole display of Takis chips.

The Food: Frutilandia is there to feed you when you're really craving a meal, like a shrimp cocktail or sandwich, or when that sweet craving kicks in. We recommend coming in for the off-the-beaten-path fruit bowls and raspados and exotic drinks we've all come to love. The Meluna de Miel is one fruit creation to not pass up. Half a cantaloupe is filled with fruit, a scoop of ice cream of your choice and topped with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle and a cherry. It's every bit sugary and sweet, but carries only half the guilt thanks to the fruit. The exotic fruit drinks are similar to raspados, but come with a scoop of ice cream on top and chunks of fruit mixed into the shaved ice. It's every bit refreshing. The escamochas are the ultimate fruit cocktail. It comes with fruit, sweet cream, granola, shaved coconut and honey. The portion is hefty, but so smooth with the added crunch from the granola to mix up the texture a bit.

The Reason We Love It: Essentially dubbing itself the land of fruit, Frutilandia lives up to its name. There is an endless way to get your favorite fruits served up, with the added sweetness of ice cream to top it off. And in case the sweetness becomes too much, the menu is balanced with snacks like nachos, Tostilocos or duro con cueritos.

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