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Graphic Novelist Lucy Knisley Talks about Family, Recipes, and Illustrating Some of Her Favorite Food Memories

Editor's Note: Explicitly Graphic is a monthly column on our arts blog, Jackalope Ranch, by Cynthia Clark Harvey (who's working on a graphic novel of her own). From time to time, Harvey reviews graphic novels, talks to artists, and dives into the scene of all things explicitly graphic. Today, she's sharing her discussion with graphic novelist Lucy Knisley on Chow Bella.

Lucy Knisley's new book, Relish (First Second), is a piquant medley of family memoir, cookbook, and paean to food.

Knisley shares her appreciation of edibles ranging from the simple, yet sublime, "tomatillos (which I'd peel and eat, hot from the vine, crunchy and delicious, after unwrapping them like pieces of hard candy)" through the middle ground of a fondness for "comfort grease" to a childhood taste for foie gras heightened by an injurious encounter with a flock of geese. Sprinkled throughout are recipes, most of which I want to try.

Lucy Knisley and I communicated recently via email while she is on a tour for Relish.

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