New Wave Market is a modern expansion of Super Chunk's original space.EXPAND
New Wave Market is a modern expansion of Super Chunk's original space.
Jacob Tyler Dunn

7 Great Spots That Combine Restaurants and Markets

Admit it, sometimes you eat out because your fridge is a food desert, and pickles and dried-out Parmesan don’t make a meal. But ordering off the menu doesn’t solve your core food dilemma here. You return home with a full stomach to empty cupboards, and the cycle starts all over again. Thankfully, a bunch of Valley restaurants have delicious markets to go with their dining areas. In other words, a food two-fer.

The wall of chocolate at New Wave Market.EXPAND
The wall of chocolate at New Wave Market.
Allison Young

New Wave Market
7120 East Sixth Avenue, #20, Scottsdale

When you need both a jar of AZ Queen Bee Desert Bloom Honey and a dozen mesquite chocolate chip cookies to go, don’t fret — go to New Wave Market. Located in the heart of Old Town’s foodie hub, the Sixth Avenue spot feels somehow tucked away. Sit down for the menu of made-from-scratch goodies, like the Hawaiian bread French toast topped with blueberry balsamic jam or the ghee-fried egg sammie on a sea salt bagel — seriously yum — but stay for the shelves or take-home gourmet goodies beckoning from the sidelines. We’re talking jars of pickled blueberries, spice blends, salsas, and cocktail bitters. There’s even a wall devoted to small-batch chocolate bars. The whole kit and caboodle feels like a food art gallery you can’t help but eat with your eyes.

Paik's Noodles is a fast-casual noodle shop located inside the Asiana Market in Mesa.
Paik's Noodles is a fast-casual noodle shop located inside the Asiana Market in Mesa.
Patricia Escarcega

Asiana Market
1135 South Dobson Road, Mesa

Sometimes food cravings don’t make sense, like when you’re hankering for both a hot stone bowl of bibimbap and a fabulously flaky cocoa hazelnut croissant. Scratch that impossible itch all under one roof at Asiana Market, a one-stop food emporium that pairs a triple-treat food court — Tous Les Jours Bakery Café, Paik’s Noodle Mesa, and Asiana Kitchen Tofu & Grill — with a Korean grocery store stocked with aisles of seafood, seasonal produce, Korean candy, kimchi, and every Asian condiment you can think of. They say not to grocery-shop hungry, but even with the hunger pangs silenced, it’s tough not to leave with stuffed shopping bags. Jackfruit and liter jugs of sesame oil take up room.

Foodstuffs and so much more at LGO.EXPAND
Foodstuffs and so much more at LGO.
Allison Young

La Grande Orange Grocery & Pizzeria
4410 North 40th Street

La Grande Orange can be mayhem. After standing in the order line, which can snake its way out the door, you pick up your order in a flurry before someone steals your table. But somehow the total chaos of the place works — and a big reason for that is the grocery side of things, an expertly curated mishmash of gifts and goods that’ll have you buying more than planned. Sure, there are the candles and cards and cactus pillows, but meander by the wine wall and you’ll find a tiered case arranged with salts, sauces, and even spatulas. Next are some olives, cheeses, charcuterie, and then comes the cookbooks, cold drinks, and candy section. Fill your basket with goods and your face with fresh and wonderful salads, sandwiches, and sourdough pizza.

Walls of wine at French Grocery.EXPAND
Walls of wine at French Grocery.
Allison Young

French Grocery
5345 North Seventh Avenue

There’s plenty of breathing room at French Grocery, a family-owned uptown Phoenix food destination. The space is minimalist with a pastry case, counter, and seating. Bottles of wine are available to go. There are walls of wine, mostly European, with French leading the pack, including a slew of labels you won’t find at your typical shop. Say you’re on the hunt for a dry sparkling rose. You'll be able to choose between five or six. And if you want some cheese to go with that wine, they have that too, plus meats and preserves and French bread and all the ooh-la-la croissants and macarons you can carry. But the real piece de resistance is the staff who know their wines and their pairings, so whether you’re stopping by to sip French press coffee or savor a bistro burger and frites, you can leave with a few imported French staples and the perfect pinot to go with your next dinner party.

Pop, pop and more pop to go at American Way Market.EXPAND
Pop, pop and more pop to go at American Way Market.
Allison Young

American Way Market
1509 North Arizona Avenue, Chandler

Root beer doesn’t get nearly the respect it deserves. We’re talking small-batch bottles flavored the old-fashioned way, with molasses, cherry tree bark, sassafras, or licorice root. Well, at American Way Market in Chandler, there’s a cooler full of the stuff, stocked with regional brands and funky flavors that’ll have you screaming Holy Sarsaparilla! And that’s just the root beer case. With more than 150 vintage and specialty sodas to choose from, everything from peach cobbler to pumpkin pie, building your own four-pack is fun and nostalgic. Same goes for ordering off the food menu. With colossal scones and giant cookies, with pulled pork and smoked pastrami available to-go, good luck narrowing it down. We warned you.

Haji-Baba's has it allEXPAND
Haji-Baba's has it all
Allison Young

1513 East Apache Boulevard, Tempe

There isn’t a thing on Haji-Baba’s menu that isn’t good, from the whipped-to-a-frenzy babaghannoj to the super-stuffed falafel sandwich. And after you fill your appetite tank (portions are hefty and prices super-reasonable), time to stock up on provisions. Half market, half restaurant, the Tempe outpost has all your Mediterranean cooking needs covered — and then some. Aisles of dried beans and spices, mammoth jars of tahini, grape leaves and olives, lebna and pita bread in the refrigerated section and trays of flaky baklava, not to mention henna hair dye and prayer rugs, will have you saying, Wait, are we in Arizona? Prepare to go home with more than you bargained for.

DeFalco's Italian Deli & Grocery
2334 North Scottsdale Road #133A, Scottsdale

Yes, there are delis in Phoenix, but only one DeFalco’s. This place is a family-owned Italian eatery and market that feels like it's from somewhere other than the Valley. Calzones come larger than life. Meaty deli sandwiches are stacked high with spicy soppressata, prosciutto, pastrami or provolone. Meatball subs creak under the weight of house-made meatballs. Plus there's hot pizza, homemade pasta, deli salads, and a mouth-watering dessert case crammed with cannolis, carrot cake, and cheesecakes. Dine in for unfussy yet filling food made with authentic ingredients and shop the market for all things Italian, from canned tomatoes to biscotto to vino.

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