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Gretchen Gol of The Simple Farm in Scottsdale Makes Cheese

You might think making cheese is a dirty job but it's surprisingly easy and with just a trip to your local beer-making store you'll have everything you need to make your own gouda, chèvre or gruyère. The artisanal craft of making cheese is a handy skill to have because, who doesn't love wine and cheese. (If you don't, stop reading now.)

Gol notes that making cheese is a bit of a commitment. It takes about two to three hours and you can't really set it and forget it. She recently returned from a trip to the Netherlands where she visited the Cheese Museum and has been making cheese for over a year. This is all when she's not busy with her family, volunteering at The Simple Farm or working. The woman has patience and skill. If you'd like to take a class before trying this at home, click here for details on an "Udder to Table" cheese making class.

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